Gatecrashers Hypocrisy

The hypocrisy surrounding the Gatecrashers incident astounds me. American citizens crossed an imaginary boundary on American soil and entered a house, owned by the American people, and now the federal government is considering criminal charges against them.

Crossing a border, real or imaginary, is a commonplace event in the United States today. A foreigner crosses the very real, not imaginary border separating Mexico and the United States, yet the federal government fails to levy any civil or criminal charges against illegal immigrants in the United States. Every illegal immigrant in this country has crossed a real border to illegally enter the United States, yet the federal government does nothing to secure our borders much less identify and deport illegal immigrants. Why?

There are full blown congressional investigations, secret service agents have been suspended, and the White House claimed executive privilege and directed the Social Secretary not to testify at Congressional hearings. American cities advertise themselves as sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants. Why doesn't the federal government levy criminal charges against the mayors and city council members that promote illegal immigration? U.S. companies hire illegal immigrants over American citizens. The unemployment rate is over 10%. Why doesn't the federal government investigate U.S. companies and levy criminal charges against those companies employing illegal immigrants?

The White House and the Secret Service were careless, they simply made a mistake. Collectively, the government (federal, state, and local) purposely and knowingly neglects their duty to enforce immigration laws; that is the real crime here.

Hat Tip: Les Kinsolving