Another 'success' story for the Saudi terrorist rehab program

I wonder if future historians are going to think that our government was made up of stark raving madmen or rejects from a DNA experiment that went horribly wrong.

The Saudis have a "rehab" program for terrorists that they started under President Bush who obliged them by opening the doors of Gitmo and allowing some of the hard cases to take part in this little experiment.

Of course, the rehab is taking place under the tender care of the Wahabbist clergy, which should fill all of us with confidence, right?

Andy McCarthy at NRO points to a real "success story" for the preachers of jihad:

At the Long War Journal, Tom Joscelyn has another success story rung up by the brilliant project to wean jihadists off jihad by sending them to ... a "rehabilitation" program in Saudi Arabia (where Wahhabism is the state religion and infidels are deemed too low a life-form to enter the holy cities). Sort of like a 12-step program that meets at the local gin-mill.

It seems that Ibrahim Suleiman al-Rubaish has left the Kingdom - one of several Saudi rehab program graduates to rejoin the jihad. He now sits in Yemen as al-Qaeda's top mufti in the Arabian Peninsula. That is, he is an authority in Islamic jurisprudence who can approve (among other things) terrorist attacks. Rubaish had been held at Gitmo for five years after his capture in Pakistan in 2001, but the Saudis persuaded our government that they could handle the matter. Consider it handled.

Oh, by the way, you'll be pleased to know Yemen is developing its own rehab program, too. It's not like we won't have options here. Who needs Gitmo, that international embarrassment? Obviously, keeping trained jihadists locked up in Cuba causes far more terrorist recruitment than does allowing them to stroll free and clear around the globe.

So what do you think? Raving lunatics or mouth breathing ignoramuses? I vote a combination of both. No one can be this stupid without being crazy.