Free speech for me - not for thee

I recently received a direct mail fundraising appeal from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) that contained a premium (direct mail term for ‘freebie'). The letter was signed by Senator John Kerry. The premium was a flexible magnet, the type people put on their refrigerators and such.


I've never received a fundraising appeal that expressly urged censorship, even from any group not officially affiliated with a national political party. To urge that anyone be "silenced" is a call for censorship. If challenged, the DSCC will assuredly claim their message is merely that Republicans shouldn't lie (and, of course, Democrats tell the truth).

That this came from a committee of a national political party is more than shameful. It is downright scary and ugly. Without holding my breath, I await the cries from leftwing civil liberties groups.

I wonder who among the Democrats' donors will post this message. Next time you're at the home of a Democrat, check out what's on the ‘fridge.

I also wonder which paragons of liberte, egalite and ‘civilite' in newsrooms and on editorial boards who received this direct mail appeal, since many are Democratic donors, will object to this fundraising tactic -- and who responded with a contribution.