Climategate and Gore mocked by Jon Stewart

It's going to be harder to keep the youth demographic supporting the global warming fraud. All that environmental propaganda force-fed to kids in schools and college goes for naught once it becomes cool to mock the fraudsters. And where do young voters learn what to mock polItically? On Jon Stewart's Daily Show on Comedy Central.

Hence the importance of this monologue last night.

The hormonal changes that overtake us all at puberty tend to induce a fair amount of skepticism of the elders and those in positions of authority, especially in contemporary American culture. Stewart does not even mention the future impoverishment that would be brought about by Cap and Trade. He doesn't need to. His audience does not like phonies. And AGW theory is just that. No matter how many time Robert Gibbs, Nancy Pelosi, or President Obama insist the science is settled. They just make themselves look worse.

Hat tip: Mark Morano, Climate Depot
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