Climategate gaining traction - even in New Jersey

The layer of ice that has formed in the main-stream media over the Climategate story is finally cracking. The largest newspaper in perhaps the bluest of states, New Jersey, has run on its front page a Politico column titled "Climategate Distracts at Copenhagen." The very liberal-leaning Newark Star-Ledger had put the deep freeze on Climategate for three weeks since the scandal broke, not breathing a word on the subject. Today's breakthrough column incidentally references Sarah Palin's Washington Post column in its second paragraph: Former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin stirred the pot Wednesday with a Washington Post op-ed calling on President Barack Obama to boycott the Copenhagen talks over climategate and the "agenda-driven science" it exposed. What is even more illuminating is an op-ed piece, also appearing in today's paper, by a regular columnist, Paul Mulshine, titled "Leaked Carbon E-mails: Confronting the Carbon...(Read Full Post)