Bonus goodie in reform bill: 26 new opportunities for trial lawyers to sue doctors

Well, I suppose it could have been worse. There may have been 27 or maybe 28 new ways for the Democrat's favorite interest group to make out like bandits through health care reform.Joseph Nixon writing in NRO: At least 26 sections in the House bill and 21 sections in Senator Reid's bill require that doctors adhere to certain standards of care in patient care, payment initiatives, payment determinations, and wellness-prevention programs that do not now exist in law. Each of these provisions could be used by a plaintiff's lawyer to assert that the doctor failed to comply with "best practices" guidelines and become the basis for a medical-malpractice lawsuit. What frustrates physicians and state policymakers alike is that none of these proposed guidelines actually enhance patient care or safety. Instead, in inventing all these new standards of care - relating to such things as effectiveness research, accountability provisions, medical training standards, research and...(Read Full Post)