236 year anniversary of the Boston Tea Party

Happy birthday to the souls of the original Boston Tea partiers. Yesterday, 236 years ago, December 16, 1773, a group of brave colonists gathered, boarded the ships and threw the tea--with its hated British imperialist tax--overboard signaling an independence of spirit that has characterized the United States of America ever since.

Although battered by those who believe government has the right--nay the obligation--to confiscate citizens' money to finance its wealth transference schemes and take over areas best served by private businesses and individuals as opposed to the important task of protecting the country all requiring higher and more outrageous taxes (Pittsburgh is contemplating a college tuition tax to pay the pensions of retired city employees), the rebellious spirit triggered by the original tea party lives on.

Long may the Tea Party attitude thrive, reminding the world what made the USA unique and strong, a magnet and an example for the world.

hat tip: Rick Santelli, Squawk on the Street, CNBC