You might be a jihadi if....

Jeff Foxworthy has made a very nice living with his "You Might Be a Redneck" schtick.  Foxworthy's keen observations drive his talent for stating the obvious about the cultural idiosyncracies of the only American minority group left unprotected by political correctness: rural white folks.  For those who might not be familiar with Jeff's long-running gag, here are a few examples:

"If you have more than one living relative named after a southern Civil War general, you might be a redneck."

If you prominently display a gift you bought from Graceland, you might be a redneck.

If you've ever financed a tattoo, you might be a redneck.

You get the idea.  While studying the media coverage of Nidal Hasan, I began to realize that there are a great number of Americans who don't recognize a terrorist when they see one.  Political correctness is allowing our enemies to hide in plain sight. Clearly, Americans need a guide to help them realize when there is a jihadist in their midst.  Victor Davis Hanson, in his latest Pajamas Media article, suggests the absurdity of our inability to connect the dots:

"We have reached real Bathos, when talking heads ponder whether trying to contact al Qaeda is really that bad, or whether yelling "Allahu Akbar" as one blows apart human flesh is really an act connected to radical Islam."

Obviously, it is.  And Nidal Hassan was no evil genius, out-witting the intelligence agencies and army brass hot on his tail.  Rather, those who knew him reported the Islamist sleeper as "a mediocre student and lazy." Hasan was actually enabled by the meekness of the politically correct bureaucracies that should have been providing national security.  

Hasan's oafish brazenness was simply encouraged by the unwillingness of the scores of witnesses to his Islam-fueled aggressive behavior to actually do anything about it.  In order to provide a public service to those agents in the CIA, FBI, U.S. Army and any other intelligence or police agencies that may still have their politically correct blinders on, I offer here several tips to help enable  criminal justice professionals  to recognize that  there may be a terrorist among them.  Concerned civilians should find these tips helpful as well:

1.)     If your neighbor begins giving away his belongings, including multiple copies of the Koran, while suggesting that he is "going away," you might know a terrorist.

2.)    If your health care professional suggests that the answer to your depression, marital ills, loneliness, or post-traumatic stress is to begin praying to Allah and attending the local mosque, you might know a terrorist.

3.)    If a colleague from your department leading a seminar veers off topic and begins suggesting that infidels should be decapitated and have boiling oil poured down their throats,  you might be working with a terrorist.

4.)    If a guy dressed up like Osama bin Laden shows up at the local convenience store, or appears at the office wearing a shalwar-kameez, you might be in store for some live ammunition directed your way.  And you are probably in the presence of a terrorist.

5.)    If the subject of your electronic surveillance repeatedly attempts to contact an Imam who is also an Al-Qaeda recruiter known to be in contact with suppliers to Osama bin Laden and associates of the Blind Sheik al Rahman and whose phone number is found in Ramzi Binalshibh's apartment, you might be surveilling a terrorist.

6.)    If someone in your office, shop, store, mall, street or stadium yells "Allahu Akbar!" you had better run or seek cover.  At this point you definitely know a terrorist.

We can no longer afford to remain mute in the face of such brazen incitement to the Islamist cause.   Would you rather be called a racist or be riddled with bullets?  Every American can learn these simple tips to help them recognize a terrorist when they see one.  It is our duty to immediately report any observations of similar behaviors to the local and/or national authorities.  If those on the receiving end of Hasan's Korans had recognized the fishiness of the situation and dropped a dime on him, perhaps even our lily-livered FBI might have been inclined to pay closer attention to the Ft. Hood jihadist sleeper on the morning of his atrocities. 

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