The President's December Job Summit

Obama’s planned December Jobs Summit is exactly what a community organizer would do.

Today, President Obama announced that he would host a Jobs Summit in December.  The question, he said, is – How do we add jobs and grow the economy?  It’s pretty clear to the conscious that the President hasn’t a clue how to grow the economy. And, every day more of us suspect that job growth isn’t even part of his agenda for the next few years.

It would have been heresy to publically make the following statement six months ago: Obama is intent on eroding the U.S. economy so that he can more easily transform it into a version of European socialism.

The idea of a “summit” is typical of a community organizer mentality. Convene the stakeholders, let them vent about the problem, give a shout-out to those already engaged in efforts to address the problem, get at least one member of the “establishment” that caused the trauma to attend and be contrite, define a vague action plan, stress the need for the whole community to get actively involve, break into small groups to discuss the issues, put people’s thoughts on flip chart paper, have the break-out groups’ scribes report back to the larger group, be sure everyone signs their names and contact information on a clipboard, and then schedule a few interviews with the local media to exaggerate the outcomes of the event.

As the Summit ends in December, the room will be all a-buzz with optimism and bonhomie. Then nothing will change.  It’s about feeling good, not doing good.

At Obama’s Summit, we can expect some announcement like an extension of unemployment benefits, or a commitment from an administration-friendly company to hire x-hundred more employees in an inner city, or the formation of a special blue ribbon commission of Beltway luminaries and captains of industry tasked to come up with additional solutions to make “The Turn in Ten” – how the decline in jobs will turn around in 2010 to a growth in jobs. More new government jobs.   

The administration’s effort to blame the continuing recession on Bush loses veracity by the day.  It’s already moved past the tipping point. By the January 20th anniversary of his inauguration, Obama will fully own the state of the economy, and it won’t be pretty.

The opportunity to take action to improve the economy passed earlier this year. We’re now into damage control, and some of the more powerful pumps will continue to sit idle.