Will Obama's Health Care Deadline Change Again?

Consider the labor required to draft a couple thousand pages of health care “reform.” Unless the “bill” had been prewritten by special interest groups, the typing alone would have been painstaking. Even before hitting the keys massive time periods of deliberation would have taken place, working out the specific details.But then remember that Obama’s reform actually means a complete overhaul of the entire health care system.The committee appointed by Congress to study the actual problem and report its findings would require a fair amount of time. Then, of course, financial experts and the CBO would need to prepare budgetary calculations working from the data accumulated.The Congressional hearings, to which experts in the industry, including doctors, medical management and CEOs would be called to testify before the C-Span cameras, would also take a fair amount of time.Finally, with the data and financial reports in hand, the bipartisan Congressional debates...(Read Full Post)