The AP goes rogue fact checking Sarah Palin

An AP article was released today which purports to fact check Sarah Palin’s claims in her new book. It took a village of AP writers to denounce Palin under the guise of fact checking. Weighing in at 1,594 words, it’s a booklet against a book. Eleven writers in all contributed to the piece. Here is the link.

The piece is filled with biased representations, characterizations, conclusions, and a loyal defense of Obama. Interestingly, the Internet piece does not provide one link to the facts or sources upon which the AP relies.

The funniest evidence of the AP’s willful blindness in my opinion has to do with its comparison of Reagan’s recession vs. Obama’s. The writers note that the recession Reagan dealt with lasted for 16 months; while Obama’s recession is on its 23rd month; and the recession is still going strong, I might add.

Those facts are supposed to imply the basic liberal narrative: Obama inherited a mess like no one before him. But he will bravely spend his way out of it! What’s funny to me is that it never occurs to liberals that maybe, just maybe, the recession continues onward because of Obama’s policies.

Spending money we don’t have and creating multi-trillion dollar deficits is an interesting way to end a recession. I wonder what would have happened if Obama would have immediately cut the capital gains tax rate and cut the spending of the federal government?

Hopefully, the Heritage Foundation will fact check the AP.