Can't we all just get along?

If Arabs and/or Muslims can't get along with other Arabs and/or Muslims what chance does President Barack Obama have of getting them to agree with him? What does this Reuters report indicate about a future Arab-Israeli peace deal?

Rioters smashed shop windows, hurled stones at police and set fire to several boats moored in the southern French port of Marseille after Egypt beat Algeria in a soccer World Cup qualifying match on Saturday.A police spokesman said more than 500 officers were deployed in the centre of Marseille, an often volatile city with a large North African immigrant population and football supporters who are considered among the most passionate in France.


Police said the trouble began after youths of Algerian origin reacted in frustration when Egypt scored towards the end of the first half of match, in which the two teams were vying to qualify for next year's World Cup.

Certainly say, Green Bay fans living in California wouldn't react so wildly if defeated by the Chicago Bears; Boston backers would be quite civil on Cape Cod enduring a loss to the New York Yankees. Well, wouldn't they?

Why can't everyone just get along?