Thanks again, President Bush

The Kyoto Protocol went into effect in February 2005.   George W. Bush was excoriated by the left for not signing on and acquiescing to the global warming hysteria. All of us can recall how President Bush was called all sorts of names and accused of wanting to destroy the world.  Even some nominal Republicans fell for the “settled science” and got on board the climate change express. Nonetheless, George Bush remained firm in his refusal to allow the United States to destroy its economy and standard of living for what has now turned out to be a political movement not one based on science. With the exposure of the global warming hoax through the release of the CRU emails, we should offer a toast to the much maligned President George W. Bush and thank him for not committing the United States to similar disastrous actions that our counterparts in Europe fell for.   The delay allowed the truth to come out as it always does. (Read Full Post)