Tea Party Express Tour II: The Five Dollar Lady

Nov.4th, Wichita, KS - The crowd of about thousand applauded greatly for my performances of the "Tea Party Anthem" and "2010". After the rally, I was scheduled to leave my bus tour family for a day to fly to Washington DC. I had been asked to sing "God Bless America" at a huge rally protesting the latest health care nightmare bill at the U.S. Capitol.At the Wichita rally a gentlemen and his wife offered to give us a ride to the airport in their pick up truck; Amy Kremer, founder of Tea Party Patriots, Deborah Johns, spokesperson for Tea Party Express and myself. Like every rally, I signed several autographs, posed for pictures and shook hands. I called the tour my "Million Handshake March".With tears in her eyes, a middle aged white woman grabbed my hand with both of hers. She pressed something in my palm. "I wish I could give more. I just want to contribute to your efforts. God bless you". With a line building behind her, without...(Read Full Post)