Reality Check - Health Care Reform

As a lawyer, my radar screen is pretty active when it comes to the words people use, because those words have real consequences in people's lives, especially when they are found in laws that govern how we live our lives.The nearly 2000-page legislative behemoth passed by the lower house of Congress in the wee hours of November 7, 2009 contains these words:The word regulation appears 181 times.The word tax is there 214 times.The word fee is there 103 times.The word shall is there over 3,000 times!It is an odds-on bet that almost nobody reading this article has read Nancy Pelosi's 2000 page bill, and it is probably also true that at least some readers are inclined to support what is publicly being called "health care reform." After all, look at the words in that phrase. We all know how important good health is, right? So, that's a no-brainer word. We all like to think of ourselves as caring people, so the word care is a no-brainer, too. And we have all been conditioned to...(Read Full Post)