Predicting that Hasan would 'Go Muslim:' Politically correct reason #3,787

I give this one an "A" for originality" but an "F" for any possibility whatsoever, in this universe or any other, that the Boston Globe editorial writers have a clue.You see, Nidal Hasan did not go on a rampage against infidels because he thought his religion justified it. The signs were there for all to see before Hasan cracked.It was his horrible work performance:LONG BEFORE last week's killings at Fort Hood, there were red flags galore about the suspect, Major Nidal Malik Hasan. Sensibly enough, investigators are looking at any contacts Hasan had with Islamic militants. But they should also examine something more prosaic: Hasan's poor performance as a military psychiatrist and his ability to earn promotions in spite of distinctly negative views of his work by military colleagues.Among the many questions Hasan's case raises, one of the most basic is why the Army considered him fit for his duties. He spent six years at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in...(Read Full Post)