Our 'President of Leisure' can't be bothered with the world's problems

Iranian reformers take to the pages of the Wall Street Journal today to beseech the President to help them..instead of spurning them as he has throughout his Presidency. Well...join the ever-expanding crew of people being disrespected by our President. The Dalai Lama, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Angela Merkel (whose invitation to celebrate the anniversary of the fall of the Wall was rejected; but a trip to  try to grab the Olympics for hometown Chicago and to reward Obama's pals-that was worth it anyway, as will be his trip to the Nobel Prize ceremony)-all have been spurned. Wait there are more.The funding for the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center was ended by Barack Obama-this group recorded for posterity the torture and murders of the victims of the mullahs. Funding for Freedom House was cut, as well. Freedom House was founded by Franklin Roosevelt and has been working with democratic reformers in Iran. I suppose Iranian victims are distractions to President...(Read Full Post)