Our clueless C in C

Twelve soldiers were murdered in cold blood at Fort Hood. Thirty others were wounded. Our Commander in Chief calls a press conference and begins it with a long thanks to the Interior Department and Indians who just concluded a conference and  then gives a good natured "shout out" to an attendee , all with a studied nonchalance, before he even mentions the outrage on our military base. Linda Chavez calls it "Obama's pet goat moment."Study it and pass it on because the media is already cutting the tape to make the man look presidential instead of clueless and immature.J.C. Arenas adds:Notice him looking down at the podium as he’s making the comments. How convenient it was for CBS to cut out the part where he’s celebrating his outreach to Native Americans, which he called a “Top Priority”.Andrew Thomas adds:  How do you believe our beloved President Obama would rank these in priority order?1. The men & women of the US armed...(Read Full Post)