Muslims Bombing Muslims

Muslims (Saudis) are shelling and bombing Muslims (Yemenis) and we are not getting hourly photos of the civilian casualties!It seems like the same old sad story from the Middle East. The side with the powerful military apparatus shelling and bombing the far lesser equipped rebel fighters! The wealthy side putting up a fence between themselves and where the poor struggle to survive! A constant drumbeat of reports and heart wrenching pictures of the growing and tragic civilians casualties....oh wait! There's a divergence from the normal template so skip that last item.In this case the rich nation doing the shelling and bombing and building the fence is Saudi Arabia. The poor side of the fence would be Yemen, and the rebels are insurgents in the Yemeni civil war that have moved into Saudi territory. According to AP, 175,000 have been displaced, and rebels are claiming the Saudis are randomly bombing, including residential areas.Reuters reported:Saudi warplanes and artillery were reported...(Read Full Post)