It's Time Obama Apologize to 1945 Germany

In China, President Obama apologized for America ... again. The problem with frequent apologies is that they soon beg the question: Where does one stop, once one starts?  In China, “He acknowledged America's shortfalls and went out of his way to welcome China into a role of global leadership. He even ducked the only edgy question - from his ambassador, Jon Huntsman - about the great ‘firewall’ of China.”  He apologized for the way “women in America” are treated by “men with old fashioned ideas about women.” China censored some of his remarks about them censoring others’ remarks.  What a surprise!In a recent posting, AT Readers contributed richly to A Lexicon of Political Speech.  Given the President’s propensity to apologize for America, it’s time we offer the White House suggestions for more Obamapologies.  Otherwise, we’ll eventually have to apologize to all those to whom he fails to...(Read Full Post)