Hamas bans women dancers - and scooters too

Israel's partner for peace - at least they would be if Hamas didn't want to blow the Jews off the face of the earth - have just issued a clarion call for anti-modernity. They are forbidding women from committing the egregious transgression of riding behind men on motor scooters. I guess the rationale there is that if they ride behind males, they have to hold on to them so they don't fall off. Holding is touching. And touching the opposite sex leads to...well, those folks in Hamas sure have overactive imaginations, don't they?Besides keeping women from being tempted with hellfire and damnation, the progressives in Hamas have also banned...folk dancing! Apparently, Palestinian folk dances are quite suggestive - if you're an Islamist nutcase, that is.All in all, no one is explaining how 21st century Israel can deal with 7th century Hamas on any level they would understand as Daniel Williams of Bloomberg fills us in on some other efforts by Hamas to impose sharia while denying they are...(Read Full Post)