Graph of the Day for November 16, 2009

"Upscale dining hit hardest in recession... For five years, Jonathan Fyhrie of Six Tables in Boca Raton charged diners a flat $90 per person. Six courses. Choice of six entrees. Port with the cheese course.  Those days are over. On Oct. 1, Fyhrie lowered the price to $55 and now serves four courses. Gone is the amuse-bouche he'd send out to start the meal. Gone is the sorbet, the cheese course and the port."Sun Sentinal (southern Florida).  Source:  Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Hoven's Index for November 16, 2009Various changes from December 2007 to most recent data:S&P 500:  -26%.  Corporate profits after taxes: -24%.  Industrial Production: -12%.  House prices: -7%.  Jobs: -5.3% (-7.3 million).  Real GDP: -2.8%.  Graph of the Day Archive (Read Full Post)