Fun with Deficit Numbers

The Federal deficit for October is reported to top $176.4 billion dollars. The weight of this many one-dollar bills equals the weight of two aircraft carriers. Laid end-to-end, this many bills would reach almost half way to Mars.Each second in October the federal debt could pay for a new Corvette Z06. That's enough Corvettes to stretch from New York to Shanghai.Each minute the deficit grows by $3.95 million, the equivalent of buying a new MRI machine, and funding the professionals needed to maintain and operate it 24/7 for an entire year. That's over forty-four thousand new MRI clinics worldwide, in one month.Each hour, for a cool $237.1 million, the taxpayers could afford fifty-five brand new M1-A Abrams main battle tanks. So that's forty-one thousand tanks in October, as compared to the entire WWII US war production of forty-seven thousand Sherman tanks. That would be a real stimulus package. Each day we sink a further $5.7 billion in debt. Those same dollars could construct, equip...(Read Full Post)