Climategate: An inconvenient whistleblower

Writing in Sydney's Daily Telegraph, Climategate denier, David Penberthy insists that the warming debate is over. Really:But when it comes to the basic questions of science, forgive me for sticking with the guys in the lab coats. Basic questions of science? The debate is over because thousands of unnamed "guys in the lab coats" are sticky, according to Penberthy. Climategate is just a beat-up, an inconvenient controversy. Like so many Climategate deniers, Penberthy depends on power-posturing techniques. He's basically saying: "My gang with white coats is bigger than your gang. Case closed."  Some Climategate deniers believe that there are no whistleblowers in science, just lawless hackers. Their opponents are "arrogant," so that makes them mature, like gracious Al Gore. And yet? Professor Plimer (School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, The University of Adelaide) submits (p.444): The IPPC claims that its reports are written by 2500...(Read Full Post)