Worrisome softness on radical Islam

A worrisome portent disturbing attitudes in White House toward radical Islam surfaced yesterday, as an official participates in a broadcast discussion with the type of person who should be shunned.This past week I wrote a column regarding how Obama chose people with checkered histories as members of his Office of Faith-based Initiatives, and speculated that there was potential that he would use this Office to fulfill a political agenda. After all, a president chooses appointees because they share his ideology and goals. The column noted that the Office broke precedent and announced a goal to "create a working group of multi-religious and community organizations focused on the Palestinian conflict, to advise officials at the National Security Council and the State Department on a just resolution of the conflict".  Now comes news that a Muslim member of the Office, Dalia Mogahed,  recently participated by phone in a BBC show hosted by a representative of Hizb...(Read Full Post)