White House Fox News basher names her favorite philosopher: It's Mao

Allah at Hot Air offers some perspective on the story about White House flack Anita Dunn and the cowardly reason she was chosen to act as point person on the Fox News attack at the White House.The fact that she named Mother Theresa and Mao Zedong as her favorite philosophers shouldn't shock anyone. But was she joking?Via Ace, a fun fact about Anita Dunn that oddly doesn't appear in WaPo's three-page profile of her today. Don't bother pounding the table about firing her, though: She's already on her way out, which is precisely why the White House's gutless brain trust tasked her with being the attack dog against Fox. [...]Her response to the clip? She was joking, of course, playing off some old Lee Atwater bit. The audience laughs at the juxtaposition of Mao and Mother Teresa, but the point she draws from the chairman sure does seem serious. Anyone feeling like giving her the benefit of the doubt? Me neither. "The Little Red Book" was favored by 60's radicals for its...(Read Full Post)