Was Obama Nominated for his Nobel before he was even President?

"The stunning decision to honor Obama just nine months into his first term caught even the White House off guard," gasped the New York Times last week. Ah..no, Grey Lady. Much MORE stunning was Obama's nomination for the prize perhaps while Michelle was still pondering color schemes for White House furniture--or perhaps before her husband was even President. On one hand we have Stalin's star pupil, Fidel Castro, hailing Obama's Nobel prize. "Many will say that Obama has not yet earned the right to receive such a distinction." he wrote in "We prefer to see the decision as not so much a prize for the president of the US, but as a criticism of the genocidal policies pursued by a few presidents of that country, who led the world to the crossroads it is at today." On the other hand, a point-blank witness to genuinely "genocidal policies," former Soviet dissident Elena Bonner who lost most of her family to Stalinism has a different take. Today the 86...(Read Full Post)