US crams Honduras agreement on return of Zelaya down government's throat

Details are sketchy but it appears the months long crisis in Honduras is close to being over thanks to an agreement between the legitimate government headed by President Roberto Micheletti and Chavez wannabe Manuel Zelaya that was dictated by the United States government.The agreement calls for the return of Zelaya to power. In return, the US promised to recognize the result of the elections scheduled for the end of November.The Voice of America is reporting:Mr. Micheletti said late Thursday he has authorized his negotiating team to sign an agreement that "marks the beginning of the end" of the four-month political standoff. Congress must approve the deal.Mr. Zelaya said he is "optimistic" that the agreement will return him to power.Speaking in Islamabad, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hailed the agreement as "historic."The apparent breakthrough followed pressure from senior U.S. officials who are in Honduras. Earlier Thursday, the U.S....(Read Full Post)