Turning Back ObamaCare

Rep. Michele Bachmann from Minnesota offered sound advice this morning during an interview with Lee Rodgers on KSFO (audio here and MP3 here) in San Francisco, on how to turn back the various healthcare proposals working their way through Congress.

The key she says is call volume -- old-fashioned telephone call volume.  Every morning, Monday through Friday she advises us to call our Congressional delegation, our two Senators and Congressional Representative, with the goal of achieving 10,000 calls every day.  With staff tied up just answering this volume of calls, there is no way that healthcare can survive.  And if it stalls in 2009, then the upcoming elections of 2010 guarantee its death and our freedom

To those desperate for a specific call to action, this is it.  This is your answer to "what can I do."

Rep. Bachmann, a tax litigator by profession, explained in a way I never heard before why this defeat is necessary.

She cites a University of Arizona economics professor who estimates that fully 30% of private US corporate profits are now owned by the government, thanks to the Obama takeover of AIG, GM, Citigroup, etc. Before Obama's election 100% of corporate profits were private.  If healthcare is taken over by the government add 14% to that figure.  If cap and trade then passes add another 8%. 

Sum those figures and suddenly 52% of profits in our country are government-owned.  We will have become a socialist country, not in temperament, or leaning but in fact.

Rep. Bachman is the top target for defeat of Speaker Pelosi, and needs national support from the conservative base. (http://www.michelebachmann.com/)  Rep. Bachmann and people like her are the future of the Republican Party, if it has one.

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