Poll finds nearly 2 in 3 Americans are Manmade Global Warming 'Deniers'

According to a Pew Research Poll released today, the number of Americans believing there to be “solid evidence that the earth is warming” has dropped 14% since last year.  And the biggest drop – 22% -- was among those identifying themselves as independents.

And while 57% are still buying into the continuing warming hype, the number attributing the warming to human activity has dropped from 47% to 36%.  What’s more, the number seeing global warming as a “very serious” problem is down 9 points to 35%.

These latest results would suggest that messages of continued scientific debate and flat or falling temperatures in the past 11 years are indeed being heard, despite a strident media campaign to silence them.    

Only 46 days to go before climate alarmists from all over the planet are off on the road to Copenhagen, where they’ll attempt to finalize a treaty intended to control how the entire world produces and consumes energy.

But it appears that the de facto treaty leaders from the U.S. will not only arrive at the summit without an American climate bill with which to demonstrate their leadership, but also without the support of almost two thirds of the citizens they represent back home.

And happily, that doesn’t bode well for the energy governance threat, be it domestic or foreign.

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