The Styrofoam President

All President Obama needed to further illustrate the emptiness of the Nobel Peace Prize committee’s decision were the Styrofoam columns. White House staff should have busted them out of prop storage and placed them behind Mr. Obama as he responded to the shocking news. The fake columns -- used at the 2008 Democratic National Convention -- illustrate the fakeness of the Obama presidency better than anything.In terms of accomplishments, Obama stood naked before the microphone and the whole world knew it.Amusingly, everyone from so-called mainstream journalists, to Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, to the President himself had to acknowledge that Obama had accomplished nothing to merit the prize. Yet they all had no choice. There simply was nothing to point to, but words and feelings. If they could have spun it they would have. But there was not a string of thread to spin.It was sort of comical, really.This is the first time in U.S. history in which the acting President had believed...(Read Full Post)