'The Coming Failure on Iran'

Jackson Diehl of the Washington Post has a thoughtful analysis of the administration's Iran policy and how it very well might be changing into reluctantly accepting the idea that if Iran wants to build a nuclear bomb, there isn't very much we can do about it:For obvious reasons, senior officials won't state this broad conclusion out loud. But it's not hard to find pessimistic public statements about three of the four options. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called the prospects for diplomacy "very doubtful." Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates has said military action will do no more than "buy time." Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, echoing private statements I've heard from the Obama administration, told me last week that a strategy of backing the Iranian opposition "would take too long" and might well produce a government with the same nuclear policy.As for sanctions, Western officials rarely disparage them in public. They don't want to help...(Read Full Post)