Schumer playing hardball with health insurance industry

Democrats are very upset that a health insurance industry trade group released a report saying that a family's health insurance will rise from about $12,000 a year to more than $21,000 under Obamacare.Politico's Carrie Budoff Brown reports:This morning, Senator Schumer is going to say, in light of the insurance industry report warning premiums will rise under reform, Dems should push to revoke the health insurance industry's antitrust exemption as a floor amendment. This will be at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, where Majority Leader Reid is also testifying.' 10 a.m., Dirksen 226, 'Prohibiting Price Fixing and Other Anticompetitive Conduct in the Health Insurance Industry.' The health insurance industry worked with the Obama administration and the Democratic party to help craft what was hoped to be a rational health reform bill. The fact that the industry was working with these parties helped to diminish opposition to the health care "reform" efforts. The Baucus...(Read Full Post)