Say it ain't so, Joe.

President Obama's gaffe-prone, clueless Vice President is not helping him as far as bringing up his approval ratings.In fact, as Byron York points out in the Examiner, he's a positively dead weight for the administration: Vice President Joe Biden's favorable rating has fallen to 42 percent in a new Gallup poll, down from a high of 59 percent just after last year's election. Biden's unfavorable rating in the new poll is 40 percent, up from 29 percent last November. (Eighteen percent of those surveyed say they have no opinion of Biden.)Biden's average favorable rating during his time in office so far is 45 percent -- well below the average 65 percent favorable rating for Vice President Dick Cheney during Cheney's first year in office. Vice President Al Gore's favorable rating during his first year, 55 percent, was also higher than Biden's. (Gallup did not measure vice presidential popularity before Gore.)Biden's rating has fallen most dramatically among independents. Last November, 55...(Read Full Post)