Red Eye rising

Stunning ratings news: in the prime demographic (25-54 -- the group most advertisers want to reach), the irreverent news-comedy show Red Eye, which runs at 3 AM in the East, outdraws the Campbell Brown show CNN shows to lead off its prime time schedule. Steve Krakauer of Mediaite lays out the dimensions of the triumph. In total audience, Red Eye outdraws hours later CNN's American Morning and MSNBC's Morning Joe.

I have watched Red Eye since its inception, and congratulate Greg Gutfeld, Andy Levy, and Bill Schulz for the astounding achievement. The show appeals to younger viewers with hip, funny and sexy talk as news (of all kinds) is discussed.

It is absolutely critical that the natural skepticism and rebellion of youth be directed at the pieties and phoniness of the left, and Red Eye does a terrific job of skewering PC. By featuring attractive and clever conservative guests, the show goes a long way toward redressing the left-right media imbalance.

Here is a sample: Red Eye taking on media coverage of the tea Parties:

Hat tip: Hot Air
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