Obama's numbers game

The Pew Trust has completed a 3 year study (summary here) of the world's Muslim population, which it estimates at 1.57 billion, nearly 1/4 of all the people on the planet.  The Muslims are in good shape to make another appearance in the Religious Bowl Championship against the Christians, who remain on top, with between 2.1 and 2.2 billion members worldwide.  What is of real interest, are the individual Muslim populations by nation. The numbers seem pretty realistic for each nation compared to other estimates I have seen, with one surprise -- an estimate by Pew of the number of Muslims in France  of 3.5 million (I have seen many estimates for France of about 6 million Muslims). Pew estimates there are 2.5 million Muslims in America, 0.8% of the population. Percentage wise and in number of Muslims, China is a more Muslim nation than the US. When Barack Obama spoke in Cairo (or should we say misspoke?), he claimed that the US was one of the major Muslim...(Read Full Post)