Obama, Afghanistan, and the Nobel Peace Prize

Barack Obama did not so much get a win with the Nobel Peace Prize today as the U.S. Military and General Stanley McChrystal sustained a loss.  The Prize itself will also be a loser along with all previous winners.The award is a not so veiled attempt to make it psychologically impossible for Obama to now send 40 thousand more American troops to Afghanistan. To do so would be to spit in the face of his most adoring audience in his favorite venue, the vague and undefined world stage.How else can you explain the prize being given to someone who has accomplished -- in the words of the great international think tank Saturday Night Live: "nothing."  In fact, the studied consultants at SNL arrived at the conclusion that with regard to Afghanistan, things have "gotten worse."  It was the worst of the long litany of Obama failures to date according to SNL. This Nobel award to Obama is as breathtakingly shallow as Miss America contestants' obligatory "wish...(Read Full Post)