Letter to Rush Limbaugh

Dear Rush,

We are so very sorry about what the scruple-less liberal bias conservative hating media have done and are continuing to do to you. While we realize you are a big boy and can handle it, you are still a human being. This international personal attack on your character based on such absurd charges has to be extremely painful.

We, your 20 million plus loyal fans are outraged. You have our total support.

Rush you have made us a family. For 20 years you have given us and continue to give us comfort, hope and peace when things have looked their darkest. Together, we have overcome and survived numerous challenges over the years. I still remember the joy I felt hearing your voice again upon your return to the airways after going through rehab. Again your critics gleefully thought they had destroyed you. But they don't get it. Rush Limbaugh is bigger than Rush Limbaugh.

Not only do you have talent on loan from God, like the Blues Brothers, you are on a mission from God. It is impossible for the godless Left to comprehend that no man can bring you down. When God decides you have fulfilled His purpose, (everyone on the planet agrees with you) (smile), He will let you rest. Until then, you are His guy and our guy. So hang in there my brother. Thanks for being you. We love ya man!

God bless, Lloyd Marcus, (black) Unhyphenated American!

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