J Street and Judge Goldstone: the plot thickens

Michael Goldfarb of the Weekly Standard reveals a document that demonstrates the comingling of apparatchiks in the anti-Israel universe of organizations. J Street, George Soros, and the author of an anti-Israel UN Report are all linked.  It is a letter purportedly written by Judge Richard Goldstone, of the notorious UN Goldstone Report,  condemning Israel but not its opponents in Operation Cast Lead.  Judge Goldstone  supposedly wrote it to comment on a House of Representative resolution condemning the Goldstone report: HR 867 sponsored by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Howard Berman. Goldfarb looked at it closely:

Upon further inspection of the Goldstone letter, the actual author seems to be Morton H. Halperin, who serves on the J Street advisory council and is a senior adviser at George Soros's Open Society Institute. The original document can be downloaded here. (A check of the file's "properties" reveals the author as Morton H. Halperin.)

So a George Soros-supported staff intellectual, who also advises J Street turns out to be effectively delegated to speak for the author of UN report critical of Israel.

The web of influence bought by Soros's billions staggers the mind.


J Street officially takes no position on the Goldstone report. As Goldfarb notes:

It's just another example of the disconnect between J Street's official positions and the actions of those who are connected to the organization.

Hat tip: Clarice Feldman
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