The UN Goldstone Report Appeases Terrorism

There have been detailed critiques regarding the UN's Goldstone report, which was created for the sole purpose of de-legitimizing Israel by bashing her with phony claims of "war crimes." during the Gaza War. The report is full of Hamas-led witnesses masking propaganda against Israel; and taken as the truth by Goldstone, his investigator, the United Nations, and many governments across the world.  Little verifiable evidence was presented, and almost nothing was said about Hamas terrorist activities.

One of the real issues with the report is that it will lead to additional deaths, not only in Israel and in the Palestinian controlled territories but across the world, because Hamas sees the Goldstone report as a Carte' Blanche by the world community to continue their terrorist strategies and even expand them further. Other terrorist groups will see it similarly. There is evidence that it has already started.


Following the release of the Gilad Shalit video in exchange for 20 Palestinian female terrorists who were involved in attempted murder, Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal repeated the organization's threats to kidnap more soldiers. Hamas sees the release as vindication of its kidnapping-for-hostage policy. And thanks to the UN he believes he has a free hand:

"Mashaal said:

"The resistance, which has succeeded in capturing Gilad Shalit, keeping him alive and well for more than three years, giving him proper treatment, and excelling in conducting indirect negotiations, is capable of capturing [another] Shalit and [another] Shalit and [another] Shalit, until not a single prisoner will remain in the enemy's jails."

["Palestine Information Center" - Hamas website, Oct. 2, 2009 "

Human Shields

One of Hamas' favorite strategies is using innocent civilians as human shields by putting rocket and other munitions launchers in homes and even school yards. Goldstone ignored much video evidence and denied that this happened. Hamas is so happy with this denial that they are now building entire human shield villages.

"The army learned recently of the plan, initiated by Hamas Housing Minister Yousef al-Mansi, under which thousands of Palestinians who are waiting for their homes that were damaged during Operation Cast Lead to be repaired will be housed in temporary structures and caravans along the border with Israel.

The IDF believes that Mansi plans to set up the temporary villages to serve as obstacles in the event that Israel sends ground forces into Gaza. The border villages will also likely serve as cover for tunnels that Hamas will dig under the security fence and into Israel to carry out attacks.

"This is part of Hamas's overall strategy to use built-up areas to hide in and to launch attacks," a senior defense official said. "This basically means that Hamas will want to use the people it places there as human shields against Israel."

On Sunday, the IDF escalated its response to the Kassam rocket fire from Gaza and for the first time since Operation Cast Lead bombed a weapons manufacturing plant in the heart of Gaza City."

For over 80 years the world community has rewarded terrorists with appeasement. Worldwide appeasement played midwife to terrorism growing it as a form "political-religious expression"

Britain was a serial appeaser of terrorism throughout its "Palestinian mandate period." They allowed attacks on Palestinian Jews, and they bowed to terrorist pressure when they did not allow Jews escaping Hitler into Palestine thus dooming them to death.  The UN rewarded terrorism when it first invited Yasser Arafat to speak before the General Assembly, legitimizing the PLO. The world community continued the appeasement of terror by repeating the propaganda of the terrorists and giving aid to the terrorists while condemning Israel's battles against the agents of death.

The continued appeasement of terrorism not only birthed Hamas and Hezbollah but also the Qaeda network. The Goldstone report is just another example of what the world has yet to learn. Appeasement leads to civilian deaths!

Albert Einstein once said: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different result." There is no better way to explain the world's appeasement of terror.

Sammy Benoit is the Editor of the Political Blog, The Lid
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