If we don't want it -- Obama Delivers

The majority of the American people do not approve of Obama's health care plan.  Current Associate Press poll place the disapproval rate at 52%.  President Obama plans on making health care reform a reality, including taxing those who fail to comply, in spite of what the American people want.Support by Chicagoan's for the 2016 Olympics to be held in Chicago in 2016 has gone from 62% in February to 47% on September 3rd. President Obama is helping his buddy Mayor Daley, and is making a special Air Force One flight to Denmark to make certain that Chicago is the site for the 2016 Olympic Games.It appears that Congress is planning to vote on health care bill proposals without even taking time to fully disclose the legislation. Laws affecting your income and health care will be voted on in the abstract. So corruption and money can buy the final draft and become laws all Americans will have to obey.Is this the Change that America Hoped for?(Read Full Post)