Health Insurance Industry attacks Baucus bill

I somehow wish they had gone after the House bills which are much more radical and dangerous to liberty.But I think they figured the Baucus bill had a chance to become a template for the entire reform measure so they probably picked the right target.A group called America's Health Insurance Plans issued a report that skewers the Baucus bill and exposes it as a cost raiser, not a cost saver for insurance.Robert Pear in the New York Times: "The overall impact will be to increase the cost of private insurance coverage for individuals, families and businesses above what these costs would be in the absence of reform," said Karen M. Ignagni, president of the trade association. Democratic aides on the Finance Committee disputed the conclusion. They said the bill would provide tax credits to millions of people to help them afford coverage. Moreover, they said, people could keep the coverage they now have if they wanted. In addition, they said, some provisions of the bill would...(Read Full Post)