Graph of the Day for October 18, 2009

"Every day we need more and more energy to run our factories, airplanes, cars, ships, computers and other modern marvels.  Some of the energy we now consume comes from burning petroleum that is derived from crude oil. Other major energy sources include coal, natural gas and uranium.  Unfortunately, using these materials leads to numerous environmental problems.  In addition, none of these energy sources is renewable. In other words, their supplies are limited and become harder to get every day."Source:  Quiz-Tree, a provider of "quality educational software for organizations and individuals".  Energy Consumption Per Person in the USSource:  US Department of Energy.  Hoven's Index for October 18, 2009Declines in the six major air pollutants in the US, from 2000 to 2006:Carbon monoxide:  -35%.Ozone:  -5%.Sulfur dioxide:  -24%.Particulates (PM-10):  -9%.Fine particulates (PM2.5):  -14%.Nitrogen dioxide: ...(Read Full Post)