Go East, Young Man

Today's Jerusalem Post reports one million Africans sitting on the Israeli-Egyptian border, waiting for their chance to enter Israel illegally.  They come not to suicide bomb, nor to kidnap.  They simply want to work.  They come seeking not vengeance, but jobs.Of course, to get from Africa to Israel, one must go through Egypt.  And once in Israel, as the article makes clear, the Israelis would be happy to let, indeed help, the Africans continue on, to Lebanon, Syria, Judea, Samaria, Jordan, or Gaza.  But these African workers and their families apparently have no desire to remain in Egypt or to settle down in any other "Third World" country that the Left loves to praise with one breath while condemning the "Apartheid state" of Israel with the next.  Apparently, they much prefer the "Apartheid state."Voting with their feet, these poor, jobless people have eschewed their Third World brethren in their Third World states, with...(Read Full Post)