Family Feud: Tea Party Movement

Reports are circulating of strife within the tea party movement.A reporter tried to pull me into it, "What do you think about this tea party organization not liking that tea party organization?" I said disagreements are inevitable because human beings are involved. Everyone has their opinion regarding the best direction of the movement. Back in the beginning after the April 15th round of tea parties, a patriot emailed me frustrated over the direction of his local group. They wanted to focus on national issues. He believed they should start with local politics. While I agree "all politics are local", this grassroots movement was founded and is fueled by passion. Things work best when each patriot simply follows his or her own passion. If fighting to restore America on the national level hits your hot button, go for it! If local floats your boat, you are a perfect candidate for School Board. Our movement needs patriots on both fronts. God gives us "grace"...(Read Full Post)