Carrot on a Stick

Liberals have added a new page to their old, dogeared playbook. When everything you're proposing is failing, use the children in order to score cheap political points.Yahoo reported yesterday:Imagine a world where every baby received a trust fund at birth. It might sound like a fairy tale, but being born into money--or at least into a $500 savings account--could soon become reality for all children born in the United States. Lawmakers are considering a bill that would give each newborn just that, with the goal of promoting savings that would later be used for education, a first home, or retirement. (snip)"The important thing is that everybody gets an account," says Cramer, and that it's opened automatically so families don't need to take much action. It would still be a progressive program, he adds, because as the ASPIRE Act is currently written, poorer families would receive additional funding.Government-established trust funds for newborns? What could possibly go wrong? I...(Read Full Post)