Baucus bill runs 1500 pages

It isn't that big of a deal when you consider that the Democrats are already re-writing the bill anyway. But it certainly gives you an idea of the nightmare that Obamacare will be for the country.Byron Wolf at ABC's The Note: Democrats on the Finance Committee, citing a Committee precedent, argued that the Baucus bill was more understandable in conceptual language than in legislative language, and pointed out that the Baucus bill was never more than one of two bills informing the final product in the Senate - that new bill, which merges the Finance bill with the more liberal HELP Committee bill, is being written behind closed doors.Baucus, lead HELP Democrat Chris Dodd and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are set to meet this evening with representatives from the White House to chart their progress.In other words - the Finance Committee worked for months to create a bill, which was then set aside as Democratic leaders went about writing it all over again.The fact that the Baucus bill...(Read Full Post)