US facilitates placing viper among the innocents in Honduras

Fausta Wertz reported it first yesterday. Legally ousted former President Manuel Zelaya is back in the country, hiding now in the Brazilian embassy.

Fausta translates this Noticias 24 report:

U.S. State Department spokesman Ian Kelly confirmed Zelaya was in Honduras, but could provide no further information. "We have confirmed that he is in Honduras," Kelly told journalists, adding the State Department was trying to find out more details of Zelaya's whereabouts.

Enrique Reina, the Honduran ambassador to the United States, told CNN en Español that he could not divulge exactly where Zelaya was for security reasons.

Rodolfo Pastor, the charge d'affairs of the Honduran Embassy in Washington, said Zelaya was at the United Nations offices in the Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa.

But Rebeca Arias, coordinator for the United Nations in Tegucigalpa, denied the leader was in the building.

"He's not here," she said, adding that Zelaya had called her late Monday morning and told her that he was in the country and would inform her within a few hours where he was.

As you can read in the Noticias 24 report, however, the Brazilian Embassy has confirmed that he is there.

Honduras's Zelaya Says He's Returned to Tegucigalpa

"I'm here in the Honduran capital, in the first place carrying out the people's will, which has insisted on my restoration," Zelaya said in a separate broadcast on Venezuela's government-owned Telesur network. "I'm here to initiate a dialogue."
He's there, confirmed by the State Department, alright.

If the State Department knew about it so quickly, I will bet you dollars to Navy beans that we assisted Zelaya's return in some way.

Given Hillary Clinton's obsession with the issue, it makes perfect sense. She has spent weeks thinking up ways to hurt the legitimate government in Honduras while working tirelessly to bring Zelaya back into the country.

And the Honduran reaction? They have issued an arrest warrant for Zelaya.

Good for them. Upholding the law apparently means more to the Homduran government than it does to Hillary Clinton and the US government. Of course, arresting Zelaya will bring the Hugo Chavez directed mobs into the streets. But doing what's right for one's country sometimes means suffering consequences.