Stimulating Leftist Causes, Not the Economy

Investors Business Daily announces today that "Radicals Wrote the Stimulus."  After citing jobs numbers and still-staggering unemployment figures, IBD proclaims:  "Welcome to government of the activist, by the activist and for the activist."

In 2008, the Apollo Alliance, whose board was the former home of recently resigned communist, Van Jones, wrote a stimulus bill, most of which found its way into the final Stimulus package passed by our formerly esteemed congress without being read by anyone.  Oh, except, perhaps by Van Jones and the rest of his pals at Apollo.

According to this report, the Apollo Alliance is tasked with the purpose of bringing a host of radical leftist causes into concert with one another.  Joining labor organizations with community organizations with environmental organizations, all scratching one another's backs seems to be the goal for Apollo.

IBD also lists some disturbing names under the Apollo umbrella.  From the article:
"Wade Rathke, founder of Acorn, was also on the Apollo board, as is Gerald Hudson, vice president of the Service Employees International Union, which provides the shock troops in the movement to pass government-run health care. John Podesta, former chief of staff to President Clinton and now president of the leftist Center for American Progress, also sits on the Apollo board. Each day his group sends out talking points to the left side of the blogosphere. Mark Lloyd, diversity czar at the Federal Communications Commission, was a senior fellow at CAP."

Oh, and then there's Jeff Jones, also an Apollo apostle.  The former Ayers pal, also a Weathermen founder, Jones is as un-rehabilitated as Ayers and now finds himself on the NY taxpayers' payroll as the director of the NY affiliate of Apollo. 

More and more every single day, the company Barack Obama keeps belies his moderate, measured, thoughtful pretense.  And as more and more Americans become aware that a whole lot of radical wool has been pulled over their eyes just so they would push the Barack button in the voting booth, anger mounts.

There's not much in this world that red-blooded Americans hate more than being flim-flammed.

I believe the President's favorite word for that is BAMBOOZLED.  We've been mightily bamboozled, he would say.  And right as rain he would be.  "Bill Ayers is just a guy in my neighborhood."  "I can't be held accountable for things that happened when I was 9 years old."  Aw shucks. 

Well, that story's moot.

Now, as the truth dribbles out a bit day-by-day, the leftists are brazenly attempting to befoul the messengers with the racist charge, the nutcase charge and the incivility charge.  Let them.  Any nitwit knows one can't keep the lid on truth for long, and truth always trumps every card in a marked deck.
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