Throwing Darts at HR3200 - Day 4

This is the fourth in a series of posts analyzing randomly selected provisions in HR3200, the House Democratic health care restructuring bill. The hope is that through random selection of pages from the House Bill, using the dartboard method, some light will be shed on the otherwise dense House Bill.The page selected for today’s post is page 479 of the House Bill, which contains the final paragraphs of the 19-page long Section 1302, “Medical Home Pilot Program.” As you will see, whether this is a “pilot” program or a “permanent” program depends upon what the meaning of “pilot” is (I think you know where I am going with this).  We may be seeing in Section 1302 the birth of a new home health care entitlement.I am not going to go line by line through 19 pages in this post, but there are some key points.  Section 1302 creates a new section 1866E of the Social Security Act:The Secretary shall establish a medical home pilot...(Read Full Post)